Course goals:

Research opportunity for students to experimentally test the hypotheses developed in BIT188. Provides an independent research experience that is monitored by a thesis committee and can be the basis of an honors thesis.


Biotechnology Master Advisor and appropriate faculty

Entry level:

Successful completion of BIT188 and approval of the instructor.

Grading and course requirments:

Three hours per week per unit of independent laboratory or field research according to the research plan developed in course 188. Passed/Not Passed grading only, based upon a report written in scientific journal format and approved by the faculty adviser.

Subject outline:

Students enrolled in the course will be assigned a thesis committee consisting of the instructor, the major professor in whose lab the work will be executed, and a third faculty with interests related to the research topic. The instructor of BIT189L will coordinate the thesis committee with assistance from the major professor. In consultation with the thesis committee, the student will carry out the experiments designed in BIT188 with data analysis and interpretation being integral activities of the project. The specific knowledge gained will depend upon the subject matter, but will include the importance of logical thinking, critical analyses, and experimental controls.