Staff Advisor: Colby Smith,, 1220A PES

UC Davis students can make an appointment with the Staff Advisor using the online appointment system.

Staff advisors can help with:

  • Academic planning and course scheduling
  • Major-specific petitions
  • Readmission plans
  • Referrals to academic support and campus resources
  • Graduation checks for their major coursework



UC Davis students can make an appointment with the Peer Advisors using the Peer Advisors’ calendar.

Peer advisors can help you with:

  • Major/minor course planning
  • Course prerequisites
  • Faculty expectations
  • Classes and options for study in the major
  • Major-related clubs and organizations
  • Departmental procedures and policies
  • Internships and summer job opportunities



Faculty Advisors can help with:

  • Career paths
  • Industry-related questions
  • Possible graduate school programs
  • Research opportunities

Please note, Biotechnology students must obtain approval from one faculty advisor in their track area for internships counted towards the major requirement. For more information on internships and to request approval for academic credit for your internship, please click here.

Lead Faculty Advisor – Diane Beckles,, 133 Asmundson Hall

Animal Option Advisor – Mike Miller,, 2241 Meyer Hall

Animal Option Advisor – Huaijun Zhou,

Bioinformatics Option Advisor – Dan Runcie,

Fermentation/Microbiology Option Advisor – Juliana Bell,, 2212 Robert Mondavi Institute South

Fermentation/Microbiology Option Advisor – Dave Mills,, 3142 Robert Mondavi Institute North

Fermentation/Microbiology Option Advisor – Ben Montpetit,

Fermentation/Microbiology Option Advisor – Matthias Hess,, 2123 Meyer Hall

Plant Option Advisor – Abhaya Dandekar,, 1059 Wickson Hall

Plant Option Advisor – Diane Beckles,, 133 Asmundson Hall

Plant Option Advisor - Christine Diepenbrock,