Biotech at UC Davis

Biotechnology at UC Davis encompasses academic programs for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students; preparing them for rewarding careers in both private and public sectors. Students receive academic training in technologically advanced classrooms and hands-on training in high quality research labs at UC Davis or in neighboring biotechnology companies.



The undergraduate major in Biotechnology is a four year program that culminates in students receiving a Bachelor of Sciences Degree (BSc). In the first two years, students develop a strong and general background in the biological sciences with an emphasis on the basic principles of genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and recombinant DNA.  In their third and fourth year, students focus their studies into one of four general areas for more in depth studies: microbial biotechnology, animal biotechnology, plant biotechnology, or bioinformatics.



UCD does not offer Masters or Doctoral degrees in biotechnology, but rather graduate students interested in biotechnology become associated with Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology (DEB) program.  The DEB is an inter-graduate group program that allows Ph.D. students in any of thirty participating graduate programs to receive and be credited for training in the area of biotechnology. The DEB provides an effective, multidisciplinary concentration in biotechnology, including exposure to bioethics, business and legal aspects of biotechnology.  For more information see the UCD DEB.



The Advanced Degree Program for Corporate Employees was established at UCD to enable employees at regional biotechnology, biomedical, or bioscience corporations to pursue a doctoral degree in one of the following programs. For more information see the Advance Degree Program.